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About Us

About us

The health tourism company known as Sina Medtor has a brilliant history of more than 15 years. Sina, which always stands by its clients, has formed a big family of more than 39 countries that it is proud of. We hope that you will be completely satisfied with our hospitality

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Dr.Matin Moaalem shahri Director of research department
End-stage diseases are the most challenging issues in medicine. In recent decades, some of these diseases can be cured by transplatation. For this reason, We assess and correlate the most eligible candidate in each specific aspect for organ transplantation to the available proper donor. For this purpose we use the latest scientific criteries and guidlines to select the proper candidates and donors. We are using the most professional surgons and surgical team to provide the best results and outcomes. Our doctors are using the latest methods of surgery and transplantation techniques in order to increase the success rates and patients outcomes. Due to that we established the R&D department to maximize our efforts and utilize novel methods in these fields.
Dr.Amirhossein Tolo Azady CEO
Fateme Nahidi COO
Hamidreza Shabnamzadeh CTO
Ehsan Najafi Graphist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do we have to physically contract with you to start the Services?

    Our clinic is based on customer satisfaction, so this request is your right and it will be done.

    What about your city is it safe to stay in during I would be in there?

    We can assure you that Mashhad city is one of the safest cities in Iran, plus, During your stay, you have a Tour leader with yourself

    Can you show me some testimontials from your previous patients?

    Of course you can take a look to our previous patients on this page